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Stacey Brown
Certified Equine and Canine Sports Massage Therapist

About Horses In Motion

Help your horse release tension and restrictions in his body … while working with his natural instincts.

  • Stacey Brown is a certified equine sports massage therapist and a certified canine massage therapist based in Reva, Virginia.  Stacey's practice brings together a passion for equines and canines.   Trained by the premier equine massage institution Equissage International in Round Hill, Va.  Equissage is an accredited program with the American Veterinary Medical Association. 
  •  Stacey brings a sensitive, patient, and enthusiastic approach to her work.  Her diverse backgrounds of owning a horse farm with her husband and son,  showing horses in Hunters and Jumpers, Dressage, Ranch Riding, Cutting, and Trail, barn management, and clinical work allow for a highly individualized approach.  Stacey coordinates with owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, and other equine healthcare professionals to promote optimum comfort and function for your equine and canine.   

What’s In It For You?

  • Improve relationship and communication with your horse.
  • Make your horse more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Enable your horse to overcome limitations and restrictions that stand in the way of reaching his full potential.


  • single-horse  $65 
  • multiple-horse  $55 each
  • single-dog  $45 
  • multiple-dog  $35 each

Travel Policy

HIM is based in Reva, VA.  Sessions scheduled within a 30-mile drive from Reva are not subject to travel fee.  Please note the following conditions for non-local appointments:

Sessions scheduled beyond a 30-mile drive from Reva incur a one-way travel fee of 45¢ per mile, in addition to the session rate above.  This travel fee may be split between clients at one location.  Should a travel fee apply, I will let you know in advance of the session.

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